Tuesday, August 20, 2013

10 Resons Why People Love Facebook: #4

10 Resons Why People Love Facebook: #4 Feeling Popular

It's a fact that everyone wants to feel popular, to feel like everyone loves them and is thinking of them all the time. We like to think of ourselves as the center of attention with everybody focusing on us. We want to count our friends and know just how loved we are. But realistically life doesn't give us the opportunity to count our friends and our friends often forget our birthdays or don't really pay attention to what we say.

Facebook is changing all of that. Now we can count our "friends" with an actual device and see the hundreds or even thousands of people we have ever connected with, even for a casual meeting of chance. Everything we have to say is there for everyone to read and acknowledge. And let's not forget the like button. With a simple click our friends acknowledge what we say even if they really just couldn't care less about it. Facebook even reminds our friends when our birthdays are so that they can post a quick generic message to our walls with a casual "happy b-day." And who doesn't love getting hundreds of birthday messages on their wall?

With Facebook we can feel loved because the things our "friends" would normally find hard or out of their way to do are that much easier with Facebook and are just part of our daily Facebooking routine. We can literally count our friends- whether they are really our friends or not- and we can feel oh so popular. And who doesn't love to feel popular?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

10 Reasons Why People Love Facebook: #3

10 Reasons Why People Love Facebook: #3 One Stop Shopping

It's no secret why companies like Walmart and Target do really well and put out the companies next to them: they provide everything you need in one place for reasonably less than the local competitors. This need for having a place where we get to do everything is driving our economy but what it really shows is something about who we are as people: lazy. We don't want to have to go from place to place to get what we need. We want it all there for us so that we don't have to move as much or waste as much time.

And that is exactly what Facebook is. Unlike other Social media sites Facebook gives you everything you need to enjoy yourself and relax in your free time- or even at work or in school when you are busy. You can post pictures, chat with friends, play games, connect with your favorite businesses, send birthday gifts, email you boss, build a company... And those are just the tip of the iceberg. So why do people spend so much time on Facebook and love it so much? Because Facebook is the one stop shop for social connecting.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

10 Reasons Why People Love Facebook: #2

10 Reasons Why People Love Facebook: #2 Legal-ish Stalking?

Let's face it, we're all obsessed with everyone else's lives. We just need to know everything that goes on everywhere (why else would we need gossip?) and the only real way to know everything that goes on everywhere is to have some device that makes stalking possible without actually following a person around and seeing everything they do (which is, of course, illegal). What we need is some device that has people saying everything that happens to them in their day, has people posting where they are and who they are with, and that gives people a place to vent their frustrations with the things going on in life while posting pictures of their insane day. Because then we can know everything going on and stalk people without actually "stalking" them.

And Facebook is that device. Everyone post EVERYTHING on Facebook these days. And I mean everything! So thank you Facebook for giving us legal-ish stalking and making our gossiping lives easier.

10 Reasons Why People Love Facebook: #1

10 Reasons Why People Love Facebook: #1 A Reason Not to Do Work

Why do people love Facebook so much? Well one good reason is that people naturally have a need to feel productive yet they also naturally have a need to do nothing to get that feeling. Yeah, that's right, I'm calling us all lazy. To accomplish feeling like a productive person and doing nothing in their day people will hang around Facebook and keep checking updates or stalking peoples' profile pages. This way when they accomplish nothing in their day they can just say "Well my Facebook notifications kept distracting me..." or the iconic "I'm going to have to delete my Facebook because it's just so addictive I can't get anything done... (but of course they never do)"

By hanging around on Facebook all day they have an excuse for why they've done nothing. Facebook is so addicting that they can just blame Mark Zuckerburg for nothing being accomplished.